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How to Make a Friend or Client’s Day

Get the Digital file for this 2012 Nature Calendar and Print at no extra charge as many copies as you want to give to Friends

relaxing view

2013 Nature Calendar with photographs by David Hennessey – family and friends give me compliments on the photos I have taken while hiking. An example is one above. If you would to see more images from the calendar and find out how you can use the digital file I have for this calendar and print off the calendar as many times as you want for friends follow this link to images and details of the 2011 Nature Calendar.


Simplify Healthy Eating Habits at Home and at Work

How to know if you are preparing a balanced meal in FIVE SECONDS or less

reduce stress of eating healthy

Simplify Healthy Eating Habits Yes, this book can show you how to know if you are preparing and eating a balanced meal in FIVE SECONDS or less plus lots more to help you simplify your eating habits. Sounds difficult to believe? but it is true. The main ideas shared in this book have been heard by over 7,000 people and many apply them daily. The book is also filled with bonus materials never shared at seminars. Read more ways to help reduce the stress associated with healthy eating by clicking here


How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively

Save time and money with this guide


how to buy organic food on a small budget

How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively An Urban Shopper’s Guidebook – Designed to help you save money (one person saved $2000 per year), nourish your health and support the health of our planet – Featured in ‘Health’n Vitality’ Magazine, Common Ground Magazine and on line at ‘’ To find ways you can buy organic food for less money follow this link


How to Healthy Eating and Shopping Guide AKA The Rainbow Chart


The Rainbow Chart – The ideal solution to help you reduce the Stress of Shopping for Healthy Foods. A very simply inexpensive tool to help you on your way to healthy eating – ideal for the person who does not want to read another food book (at least for a while!)  To learn more about this helpful guide please go here



The W.O.N.D.E.R.  Technique ®  Educational Bookmark and THE PLATE – Balanced Eating at a Glance Educational Card – These are the most popular and best selling items at my presentations. However due to the trademark and copyright nature of these items no images are show on line due to previous intellectual property copyright infringements.


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