Success, Wellness and Language Acquisition PLUS speed learning tip

If you want to open new opportunities for success and fulfillment in your personal and business life consider learning a new language. Research even says learning a new language can help protect your brain from cognitive decline in later years, a nice bonus indeed.

But there is a key to language acquisition: You need deep motivation.

If you really want to create a relationship with somebody who speaks a foreign language or if you really want to create a successful business in a foreign country or live in a community of people who speak a different language you need to have more than desire. You need a deep motivation that will keep you practicing and open to learning daily. It is not easy. It can be frustrating and many times you may just want to give up unless you have the deep motivation.

My motivation came from the fact that I moved to a non-English speaking country, France, when I did not speak any French. If you know a little bit of my history I moved to France to help out a friend who needed assistance since she had a serious back injury.

When I arrived in France I learned that it is very difficult to function and keep working if you don’t speak the local language in France. Easy on vacation but not easy for long term living. But over time the pain of not speaking French was too great so I found the deep motivation to learn the language.

My approach was to expose myself to conversations where people only spoke French and to ask lots of questions when I was unsure and to listen lots.

The Good News: if someone like me who was told ‘you can’t learn a second language’ when I was in school actually can now converse in French, anything is possible.

Even Better News: Today you don’t even need to use tools like these to start, yes, I did use these tools. Today, you can find a basic yet valuable starting point for your new language fluency in a site I discovered that gives you for FREE basic phrases in audio in many languages. Check out this language center today.

Once you have the basics in place you can start to test yourself by entering into conversation with people who speak the language you want to learn. They will appreciate you have started by learning the basics and the rest is up to you.

I wish you continued success and wellness on your journey,


P.S. Speed up your language learning tip: when you are learning a new language choose something you like learning about in your native language. This technique will give you a way to connect and remember new words you are learning and give you a base in the new language. Once you have a base you will get confidence to continue.