Stop the Worry Prayer

If you worry about events or circumstances in your life then you will be interested about the following note as it relates to your personal success and wellness.

I read recently heard a friend say ‘Worry is like Praying for Something You Do Not Want’ and I was unable to find the origin of this phrase but I find it a very good way of positioning what worry is.

Worrying thoughts take our focus onto what we don’t want and the constant repetition of the thoughts in our minds do indeed become like a prayer, a mantra for something we do not want.

The danger is that where our focus is just like James Allen wrote in his book As a Man Thinketh , that is what our reality will be.

Choose to make today the day for you to stop the worry prayer. If you are looking for extra tools to assist you one of the best books I ever read on ending the habit of worrying is How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.