Stop Computer Eye Strain The Missing Tip

When I wrote the article on how to reduce computer eye strain I included seven tips that can help you. The article is here. However, today as I worked I took a moment to reflect again on my own habits I use to avoid computer eye strain. Yes! I do use many of the tips I offered but I realized I did not share in the article one tip that I learned is really helpful.

This Missing Tip is designed to help remind you to take the time to practice some or all of  the techniques in the article like focusing on a distant object to reduce tension and damage to your eyes.

And here it is the missing Tip. Set your watch or cell/portable phone alarm to ring quietly or better yet vibrate on your desk or in your pocket every 15 minutes. When it rings take the time to practice one of the recommended tips like rolling your eyes to moisten them so you have less visual fatigue. After you remind yourself often enough by the use of the alarm you will form a habit that will help protect your valuable eyesight. If you don’t have a cell phone or a watch with an alarm you could follow this link to read about Small Digital Minute/Second Timers .

Enjoy a wonderful day, David