STEPS a minimalist approach to Prosperity

I have come to realize that real prosperity exists in the moments when we are doing exactly what we want to do. Do you keep track of these positive moments so you know after a month or a year that your really did enjoy a lot of good times?

Keeping track of joyful moments may seem a little unusual but if you are moving through difficult times in your life you may need to remember the great moments as frequently as possible. To do this I once tested out a process I called STEPS – a minimalist approach to Prosperity.

This is how it works:

After every week you look back on the time you spent doing the things you love to do and you add up the approximate hours. Compare this number to the number of hours you are normally awake and you know how much time you spend in a state of joy! Next step is, of course, to increase the amount of time you do what you love to do.

How do you increase the number of hours?

You study material on personal development like these best selling classics available in books stores and libraries and you take action.

Remember to take STEPS – Special Times Equal Prosperity.

Live wonderfully,