Step 8 of 19 The Best Way to Set Goals

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The Best Way to Set Goals

Many seminars and books teach us to write our goals down at least once a year then to review them every few months or even weekly. I have heard from many people that this practice is good but not effective since it is not as focused as it could be in keeping them on target to reach our goals.

Brian Tracy (Amazon), one of the masters of personal development, suggests we all write down our goals daily. Not just review but actually write the goals you have out again each day. I really like this idea so rather than work to find a new approach to goal setting I have embraced Brian Tracy’s idea. I hope following Brian’s idea will help you ‘burn’ the goal into your brain so you become very much aware if you are ‘on target’ or ‘off target’ relating to your actions each day. It also helps you make sure your goals are still goals you desire. If you do not want to take a few minutes to review and write down a goal again each day you clearly must be not committed to your goal. (Recall Step number 2 in this book)

Once you have your goals ‘in mind every day’ imagine how successful you could be if every step you took each day related directly to every goal you have. No fluff, no excess, each action has a definite purpose.

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