Step 6 of 19 Disengage Your Negative Emotions

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Disengage Your Negative Emotions

As a person how you think will guide your emotions. Then your emotions will drive you into action and your action leads you to your results. The power of emotions on nourishing your health and happiness we have already noted as very important in Step number 5. Clearly, positive emotions are excellent but what if you are feeling negative emotions before you meet with a loved one or a client.

If you are arriving at home or at work with a negative emotion in mind from
a previous event it is your responsibility to yourself and to those around you to disengage the negative emotion before associating with other people. If you do not disengage this emotion when you arrive at home or at work you may project your negative emotions on others and end up seeing negative feedback from others and the negative pattern continues.

To help cut out of your mind negative emotions there is one simple idea that can help shift your emotional pattern. Read some positive, spiritually uplifting material.

Action Step
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