Step 3 of 19 Make Everyday Fulfilling

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Make Everyday Fulfilling

Perhaps you have had a phone call or visit from a friend today and they asked you ‘what’s new?’ and your response may have been ‘nothing much’. If so, that is a pity. An important step to take every day is to plan your day to have numerous exciting, positive events so your life continues to be a fulfilling experience. If not, over time you will simply get bored and lose your zest for life.

Recall step number one relating to your definite purpose. You will continually nourish your health and happiness (and reduce your feelings of stress) each day when you plan daily actions that are part of your definite purpose. If you don’t plan them they simply will not happen. For example, if you want to become a successful writer then take time each day to perform an action that supports this goal. Even if you only write for 20 minutes you will be closer to your goal of completing a book. If you want to be a better parent then set aside at least 20 minutes each day to read or play with your children (without a digital companion). If you want to be more stress free make sure you take at least 20 minutes to walk in silence in Nature or whatever suits you everyday. Your mind and body will be grateful for your action and you will be step by step be fulfilling your purpose.

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