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Are you Interested or Committed?

Dr. Ken Blanchard, author of the best selling book The One Minute Manager (Amazon) once said in an interview that most people are interested in improving their lives be it having better health, improved relationships or more fulfilling work. However, he then said “few are really committed.”

There is a real difference between being interested and being committed. If you are interested in improving your ability as a business owner you will, for example, read about how to improve client services, attend seminars on time management, even take notes at the workshops on internet marketing but when you daily go to your place of work you will continue to work in the same old way you always have. You are simply only interested in being a better business owner.

When you are committed to continual improvement in your business you make a strategic plan for yourself, a practical, enjoyable and powerful plan on how you can step by step improve your ability to serve and meet the needs of those who give you money to bring food to your table – your clients. You then put the plan into action immediately. You, of course, update the plan whenever you find a better way and you review it at least once a month to make sure your plans are supporting your definite purpose in life.

This same guideline applies in your personal life to reduce stress and nourish success in your relationships and maintain your health and wellness.

Note: If you currently do not now your definite purpose (see Step 1) and you have not make a commitment to discover it. You most likely are only interested but not committed in nourishing your Success and Wellness.

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