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What I like About

Before this book I have never written about this step since it is something I have only used in my personal life with my family. However, I sincerely believe that if this idea is used it will be one of the simplest and most important ways to help us all feel wonderful.

It goes like this: we all like to hear positive statements about ourselves (even if we only admit this secretly) ‘What I like about’ is based on the idea that in my family in the evening before the children go to sleep we each take turns to say what we like about each other person present with a particular focus on something that happened that day. Sincerity is requested and no interruptions or prompting is allowed and definitely no statements of dislike.

The sharing of good thoughts and the anticipation of hearing good thoughts is refreshing. It is amazing how good we all feel when we do this activity.

To me, it would also be very interesting to hear and see the impact on a workplace or office board room if once a week before meetings each person in a room said what they liked about each person present. It will definitely help us all focus on the positive.

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