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The Power of Napping

When you are feeling tired and perhaps a bit stressed and you are looking for a solution to a personal or professional problem perhaps it is time to take a Nap. Thomas Edison the great inventor is said to have found many solutions to problems while taking a short sleep. I have personally seen a photo of him asleep on his workbench.

Napping is a special type of time out for your brain. Do you remember the last time you stopped looking for something you misplaced or forgot a name and then when you let go thinking about the challenge and took a nap then ‘pop’ you got a solution?

The solution arrived when you released your conscious mind’s focus on the challenge and let your subconscious mind work on it instead. Science has yet to understand the subconscious mind, however, one thing is typically agreed on and that is, it appears to contain a lot more cognitive processing power than our conscious mind.

Thomas Edison somehow knew this and enhanced his successful use of the subconscious mind to find solutions by turning off his conscious mind by choosing to nap when he wanted to find a solution. Solutions he used to help create over 1,000 patents that included the original record player and the incandescent light bulb.

In contrast to Edison, many people believe being active every hour of the day is necessary to be creative and productive and successful in life and that napping is a waste of time or just for babies. Indeed, there is research for and against the idea of napping so make your choice (with medical advice if you wish) to investigate the idea of relaxing your mind and body for a short period of time during the day and see how it impacts you ability to reduce stress and nourish the creativity as well as health and happiness in your life.

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