Source for Health and Wellness Statistics

Today while performing some research online I came across a very interesting website. Worldometers offer real time numbers on information like the earths population, the quality of food produced this year, the number of people who have no access to clean water, the amount of renewal energy being produced and lots more interesting information. This information can help us all get a perspective on the health of the people in our world and the health of our planet. Follow this link to the site

Worldometers is according to a note on the site “managed by an international team of developers,  researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a thought-provoking and time relevant format to a wide audience around the world.”  The website counters functions via Worldometers’s algorithm that processes the latest and most accurate statistical data available together with its estimated progression of changes in the data. The site again is

Makes for a fascinating few moments of research,