Sleep The Brain Healer

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A study published in the journal SCIENCE (the weekly journal published by American Association for the Advancement of Science) indicates that one of the most important reasons for sleep is that it is the time for the brain to repair information gathering and transferring systems in the brain.

One of the studies authors Paul Shaw of Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis USA said “right now many people are worried about their jobs and the economy and some are no doubt losing sleep over these concerns”.

The reality is we need to get a good night’s sleep so the brain can repair areas heavily used during the day. So the next day we can work effectively to keep our job. In addition, Shaw mentions sleep continues to be a very important factor in promoting memory and learning,  crucial parts of a successful career.

Like most people I really like to have a nourishing night’s sleep and those of you who have attended one of The W.O.N.D.E.R Technique ® presentations know when I present I offer a whole section on the importance of sleep.

During the seminar section I don’t focus on machines and medication to help nourish sleep I prefer to share the no cost ideas like the two listed below. If you have any suggestions that have worked for you and that only required you to take a simple action please contact me.

Cover the Light
Light turns off the activation of the chemical melatonin in the body and the action of melatonin is necessary for deep sleep. Therefore, make sure you are sleeping in a completely dark room. For example, use a heavy curtain during summer nights.

You may be surprised how many people young and old who have trouble sleeping try to sleep in a room exposed to light.

Keep Your Feet Cozy
If you have cold feet some studies have indicated that wearing socks in bed can help activate sleep because somehow cold feet keep the body awake. Perhaps the body is keep awake since when you have cold feet the body stays active working to pump blood to the feet to get them warm. It is simple and worth trying.

Try these ideas out if you have not tried them before and forward this article to a friend who will appreciate the suggestions.

Enjoy a wonderful day,