Sleep in Gratitude Something Else I learned from Opray Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey has shared many inspiring ideas over the years.

I just finished watching a speech she made at Stanford University.

One of the jems I heard Oprah share was the following:

“If you want to have a good night sleep one of the best things to do as you lie in bed is to reflect on your day and search for 5 experiences you can be grateful for”.

“If you can only come up with 3” Oprah said smiling “You can be grateful for the fact that you were able to breath in and out. That will give you 2 more to add to the 3 so you will have 5 items to be grateful for”.

Practice this if you will, I have and it is a very good way to end the day on a positive focus.

Oprah’s latest book is What I Know For Sure