Simplify Healthy Living – Tap Into What You Know

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From listening to what has helped other people and from learning what has worked for me personally I have come to realize one of the most important steps to take to reduce stress and nourish my health, happiness and prosperity is to tap into what I already know and stop seeking new ideas all the time before using what I already have on hand.

I have come to believe that perhaps, now maybe you disagree, perhaps too many people continually seek a new golden key to unlock the door to their dreams and they never use the key that is already in their hand.

Action Step

Here is a suggestion:

For the next month stop looking for new ways to improve your life. Buy no more books, DVDs, CDs. (Yikes! There goes my income)

Attend no more seminars during this period and instead take one step that you have found in a book or in another source recently that resonates with you and do the action. Perhaps, it could be starting to shop better or eat healthier or breath deeper. Whatever you decide – do it. Then once this habit is in place pick another step and ‘burn’ that habit in to your mind and life too.

Your friend on the journey,


P.S. If you don’t have any current ideas check over my Free healthy living resources for content you can use right away or even check out how to buy healthy food inexpensively or simplify your healthy eating or this wonderful book about how to cultivate peace of mind by Thick Nhat Hanh