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Simplify Healthy Eating Habits eWork Book

How to know if you are eating a balanced meal in 5 SECONDS or less – Includes Action Plans and Tools

by David Hennessey, B.A.,(Psych.), Wellness Consultant, copyright 2011

Over the years one of the things I learned is that many people are eager to learn how to  simplify healthy eating habits. Too many times it is made out to be a mystery when all around us there is conflicting information. But when you look real close at the information (like I have had the time to over the last ten years) you can see a lot of the information can be simplified into every day steps.

Here are comments on ‘Simplify Healthy Eating Habits’:

“The Plate – it makes so much sense.” Seia Roots

”I liked the simplicity of the info! Shelley

”I will use ‘The Plate’” Telma Steward

”Awesome presentation – I liked ‘The Plate ” Catherine Giller

”I liked ‘The Plate”  Robert Roche

You will benefit from this e Work book depending on how you answer these questions:

* Are you tired of picking up the newspaper or watching the TV and finding out yet another opinion on what is good for you to eat and you find you are more confused?

* Are you are fatigued by all the different diets that specify different foods that you do not like?

* Are you are confused and no longer amused with the process of selecting nourishing foods that will support your Success and Wellness?

* Are you interested in a way to tell if you are eating a balanced meal in FIVE SECONDS OR LESS?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions you are like me or at least what I used to be like before I became very aware of the core principals of balancing meals for a healthier, happier, more successful life.

The good news is that this new workbook offers you a simple practical approach to preparing and balancing meals that will eliminate these challenges and more without even taking time out to attend a seminar. The book is even quick and easy to read.

This workbook is based on the valuable core principals outlined in ‘Simplify Healthy Eating Habits’ section that is part of The W.O.N.D.E.R Technique ® presentation that I have presented to over 7,000 people so far.  The principal based actions steps will make healthy eating simple and practical whether you are single or raising a family.

Why should you invest in this work book?

By using this book you will learn:

How to recognize a balanced meal in FIVE SECONDS or less (Yes, really!)

How to use color to simplify your shopping for stress busting and body building foods

How to plan ahead for low stress meal preparation at the end of a busy day

This workbook also contains a comprehensive index of valuable articles, charts and tables including:

A chart that lists over eighty stress busting foods and their colors

A valuable shopping list guide

A meal plannning guide

Plus informative articles designed to nourish your Success and Well Being through your effective application of healthy eating habits.

Here are more comments on the ideas shared in this work book

“Inspiring – simplicity and systemization of the information. I will use it to focus on my personal goals to increase my success in life. I think everyone could benefit from the info.” Cathy McKernan

“I liked the Plate, simple is good.” Curtis Beaumont, M.Ed.,

”Love the Plate idea. I would love to hear more of everything”  Jan Sloan

”Very informative, amazingly simple approach – refreshing – a wonderful ‘Cole’s Notes’ style” Mike Jary

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How can you get this work book ?

‘Simplify Healthy Eating Habits’  is sent to your computer as a PDF file. It is easy to read online and of course, if you wish you can print off one copy for personal use. Please do not use it for commercial or consulting/coaching  purposes without signed written consent from myself.

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