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"An Overview" - photo by D. Hennessey in flight over Greenland

I work on being the best example I can be to people in my work and in my life. I also like to support the work of people who take the time to be the best they can be in their work too.

Darren Rowse, the founder of Problogger is a person I admire because daily he works on helping thousands of people become better writers for readers of their blogs.

Today Darren offered a fun challenge to readers and I saw the challenge and took it as a good exercise.

Darren asked readers to find seven postings in their archives they would like to share again with their readers to give new readers an over all taste of what is available on the blog.

Below are the seven postings I would like to bring to your attention if you are a new reader of my writings. I thank you for visiting and I welcome your feedback,

Cheers, David


My first article on this blog was Telephone and Heart Beats – this article is about how we all are connected in community.


The article I am hoping more people will read over time is Ten Personal Health Tips for Professional Bloggers – I am new to blogging as I have never been much of a writer (more of a talker!) Since I have started writing / blogging online more frequently I have been impressed by how many bloggers share so much quality information. I wanted to return the favour by writing an article to help support the health and wellness of bloggers to assist them when challenging days arrive. So I wrote this article that contains simple gems of information I know has helped many people during my years of personal development coaching. If you know a friend who is at the computer a lot writing they will, I trust, appreciate this article.


The article I enjoyed writing the most (so far!) this year is Take Time to be Silent – this article has been published in several newspapers before I posted it online and I wanted to share it with you.


One article which had a great amount of visitors was my Photos of Nice Carnival – Our Blue Planet but I lost my comments when it got attacked by spam and I made a mistake when deleting the spam. Unfortunately, I still get a lot of spam comments that are getting difficult to tell from real people’s comments but that’s another issue. Here is the posting I would like to re share!


One thing Darren asked in his challenge was did I ever see a post by someone I wish I had written. Yes, I did called Seven Pieces of Advice for My Younger Self by Ram Dev. I had read about the idea of writing a letter to my younger self with lessons I wanted to share and I had never got around to creating a blog posting on this subject. Then I came across one writer who loves helping people like I do and I went to visit his site for a second time and there was a posting he had just written on Life Lessons to share with his younger self. Here is Raam’s articles.


In all the articles I have written this year I believe that the one that has been most helpful to people has been my Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review.

Even with all the 100 plus articles I have posted in the last few months on personal development on this site the one article I get the most emails about because of its helpfulness is the one I did as a review on water bottles to help water loving readers make a wise purchase. You never know what is going to help people.


One post I wrote that I really like the title of is Call of Gratitude – to me one of the most important things I learned in life as I have experienced life challenges is to be grateful for what I have. This article is all about practicing gratitude.


I hope you enjoy these articles that give a sense of my work to date.

Your friend on the journey,


4 comments to Seven Samples

  • Hi David,

    Awesome list here — I’ve got lots to read! 🙂

    Thank you so much for including my blog post. I’m really happy you enjoyed it and found it valuable!

    • David Hennessey

      Hi Raam,
      Thank you for stopping by my blog and I appreciate your compliment.
      I am delighted to have included your posting since it reminded me of an article I have yet to write. Life lessons are very worthwhile articles for the writer and the reader.

      All the best to you,

  • What a great collection of posts! I agree that, “Seven Pieces of Advice…” is a great idea for a post. I’ll be working on something similar for my blog early next week.

    • David Hennessey

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for stopping by. I took a brief look at your blog. As a long term back country hiker I always keep an eye on being prepared for the unexpected.
      Best of Success with your work and keep in touch if you have time.