Seven Questions that Can Make Your Day Great

bugatti veyron

A colleague of mine recently shared with me the following questions that were offered by motivational speaker Randy Gage during a coaching session:

Randy suggests that each morning you need to ask yourself the following:

What am I grateful for today?

What can I do to be joyful today?

What can I do today to be of service at no charge to others?

Who do I know who needs a text or call or card from me today?

What can I do today to strengthen my mind?

What is the goal of my day?

What is the action I need to take to get me to my goal?

If you act on your response to one of these questions each day you could change your world for the better.

Imagine how strong you will be if you engage all seven. Do It!

If you like what Randy is sharing check out his books or visit his site