The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ® Seminar and Keynote are designed to give you and your group easy to learn effective tools that include images, actions, stories and techniques to help you all on your path to becoming more resilient, stress proof and fulfilled.


Seminar or Keynote:

How to become Resilient, get Stress Proof and Live a Fulfilling Life using the W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique
Practical ways to use 6 principals that can change your life, an unique holistic approach.
This works for people of all ages and is one of those rare presentations you will not hear with anyone else due to trademark content.

Keynote or Seminar: 

Creating your W.O.N.D.E.R.ful life!
How to create daily habits that are life changing including the new ‘P.E.R.F.I.C.T plan

All with a money back guarantee. Ask for details.


Sample feedback from 100’s of presentations include:

“I loved the seminar – Everything! I have known for a long time that taking proper care is good for productivity and happiness in life. I rated this presentation ten out of ten”
Kelly Noseworthy

“Power of association, David is able to relate psychological principals to real life in simple direct ways” Pete Wilkinson

“I really enjoyed your presentation – lots of good information – inspirational and motivational”
Sandra Barret

“I liked the simplicity of the principals because I know it is something I can incorporate into my busy life. I will incorporate the principals into my life immediately. .” Michelle Buskey

“This is the best workshop I had for this day. Every bit of info is very useful and practical. Thank you” Shama Vimal

“I like it all. It was all important. Nice and Simple. Interesting – it kept me focused. I rate this presentation ten out of ten”
Tama Menges, Event Planner and Workshop Attendee


the wonder technique

View of Pacific Ocean. Photo by David Hennessey

Warning: David prefers to customize any of his programs to meet the needs of the audience so when you contact us he will want to know what goals you wish to achieve so he can fine tune his work to be the best investment possible for your group. David will, of course, change the title of a program to suit the audience and event, if needed.

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wonder technique

Planning a path ahead Photo by C. Guerrini

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