Self Concept, Success and Wellness

If you want to increase the success and wellness in your life you are limited by your self concept.

If you see yourself as being a person of only having a certain amount of fitness, a certain amount of income and a certain type of relationship you are coaching yourself based on what is in your self concept. You are limited by your thoughts of you, your self concept.

If you want more than what you are currently experiencing in your life you need to change how you think about yourself. Then by enhancing your self concept you will experience more success and wellness.

Tools you can use that can help you nourish your self concept


Use these Free Motivational Cards 

You can use the free mini motivational cards I offer to help build into your mind more confidence and belief in yourself daily. Download these free mini motivational cards and place them in your car, on your desk and in your wallet or purse.



Use these Free Motivational Emails

Many of us use email daily at work and mostly the emails we receive are not inspiring they are typically just plain work. Embrace the possibility of a more fulfilling life by receiving once a day an inspirational and motivational email. Test out the daily free motivational emails I created by visiting this page.



Use Inspirational Books

If you have a favorite book that inspires you when you read any piece of it this is the kind of book you need to read a few lines from each day. Read some of it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. If you don’t already have a favorite book check out this book or this selection of personal development books to help you find one book that helps you grow your self concept. Then you can achieve the life of your dreams.

If you are looking for more ideas take the time to check out other articles on this site or contact me for more recommendations.

Your friend on the journey,