Seeking Happiness: Who is your worst enemy?

We all love being happy and healthy and we all know that the one person in the world who is most likely to make us feel unhappy is…

Yes, you guessed the person. The one person we spend the most time with. Ourselves.

We can forgive other people. We can be kind to other people but many times we are the greatest critic of our own lives. We can even go to the point of constantly telling ourselves that we are no good, insignificant and worthless.

When in fact, each of us is the most wonderful person in the world, we each are here for a great purpose. And this purpose we find when we allow ourselves to live the life we are destined to live but we can only find this space when we stop being against ourselves.

If you tend to be your own worst enemy you need to increase the frequency of joyful thoughts you bring into your mind each day to help reduce the percentage of negative thoughts you have.

Some tips on how to do this:


Make sure you read a spiritually uplifting book for a few minutes each day, if you don’t have a favorite check out the selection of my favorites here.



Go to my free resources section and request the e-book 31 inspiration quotes, then my mini motivational cards and then my free daily mini motivational messages. All of these are free to you to help you make your life better.



Take a look at the people you surround yourself with and make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who focus on the positive to help you focus on the positive each day. These people could be on TV, online, at your work or in your home. Be prepared to change who you expose yourself too.


I am only recommending these steps to you since I use them myself and they work for me. I hope they help you too.

Your friend on the journey,