Seeds of Great Businesses: Wisdom from Peter Thiel and John Mackay

We can make a huge difference in the world through what is called Conscious Capitalism.

John Mackey, the founder of Whole Foods Market, found out that when he started Whole Foods Market he was creating a solution to the need of people to find an easier way to get natural and organic foods.

Peter Thiel in a recent interview said that “the reason for creating a business is to fix a big problem” and Mackey did this. (Seed One)

When Whole Foods Market started there was financial struggle, regulation and a building flood to deal with, however, this did not stop John Mackey and his team at Whole Foods Market since Mackey knew like Peter Thiel tells us:

“The Value of a business comes 10 to 15 years into the business not at the beginning… durable businesses are important.” (Seed Two)

John Mackey worked with people who are friends, in fact, it was him and his girlfriend Renee Lawson who started the first Whole Foods Market together.

Thiel points out that before he invests some of his billions of dollars in a new company he looks to see if the founders of the company get along well together and know each other a while before they start the company, Mackay did (Seed Three)

One final comment from Peter Thiel is that he believes businesses that do something that not everyone agrees is a good idea at the beginning can often be huge successes. Most people thought Mackey’s stores would fade away. Now 34 years later and 387 stores later John Mackay and his Whole Foods Market team know they made the right decision.

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