Sean Stephenson on How to Get off your But

I just listed to an interview from a Success Magazine CD with Sean Stephenson. Sean is a speaker and author who should have died at birth because he has osteogenesis imperfecta sometimes called ‘brittle bone disease’. There is a film called Unbreakable that features a character with the same disease Sean has.

The Doctors were wrong Sean is now 33 and he brings to the world a huge personality that can do nothing but inspire you to make a difference with your life no matter what stress you are experiencing.

Sean is only 3 feet tall (approximately 1 m) and he is confined to a wheel chair but this never stopped him from marrying the woman of his dreams, writing a best selling book, getting standing ovations as a speaker and working in the White House for a US president.

Thanks to his loving mother as a young child Sean realized the disease he has is not a burden but a gift that allows him to attract attention to him so he can inspire others to do great things.

How to Get off your BUT by Sean Stephenson

When Sean is talking about getting off your ‘But’ he is talking about the ‘But’ with one ‘T’.

He is talking about the ‘BUT’ fears that many people have. The ‘but what if I fail…but what if I get rejected….but I don’t have the time…. but I am not strong enough….it is the belief that we are given less than others. He says it is how we look at our lives than defines how we will end up.

To get over the BUT challenge Sean teaches his audiences we can make our lives better by creating our own Win Life Work List. (WLW list).

This is a list of actions we take daily that help us get out of life what we really want.

For example, if going to the gym or dancing makes you feel good then put this on your WLW list and do it each day. If drinking water helps you feel great put it on the list and do it each day. If calling clients gets you more business, if calling friends makes you feel great put them on the list and do them each day.

Focus on what bring joy into your life.

Do the things you need to do each day to feel good.

Seans reminds us that all we need to know is most likely in our local library. We just need to check out the personal development books we need and we can be the success we want.

Sean’s Famous Video

You may be aware of his dance video viewed on YouTube over 1 million times

Now you have watched the video read about Sean’s work here.

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