Saving Money On Organic Food Do I really need organic ketchup?


When you are on social assistance you really need to buy organic food inexpensively if you want to keep eating organic food.

When my family and I where on social assistance and we decided to continue eating organic food we had to decide which organic food were important and which were just dressings! Because of the decisions we made we have been able to eat organic on a very small budget. For example, there have been times for months when we had a total family income of less than one thousand dollars US a month to live off. This money was to cover rent, food … and we still managed to keep organic food on our plates.

How we did it I wrote about in my truly inexpensive e-book on How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively.

Recently, I got asked ‘Where do you buy organic ketchup inexpensively?’ Indeed, it is possible to find low priced organic ketchup and I offered the answer but then I thought about ketchup. To my family, organic ketchup is a luxury (just like the maple syrup pictured above) and something that is a rare item on the table.

What I realized is that sometimes when people see organic food as expensive it may be more affordable than they believe but it all depends on what they are used to buying and eating. Unless you have a lot of extra cash organic sauces like ketchup are going to blow your organic food budget.

Just our thoughts


P.S. If you are still keen to buy organic maple syrup or organic ketchup as a special treat for your family read about this Pure Organic Maple Syrup or Annie’s Naturals Organic Ketchup