Save on the Price of Organic Food – Eat Lower on the Organic Food Chain

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If I was to go all the way down the food chain of organic food I think I would bump into algae but I am not suggesting you eat algae for dinner (even though some people do).

Once I met the algae and turned around I would start to bump into organic plants on land and sea that are typically the least expensive of the organic foods to buy. If you buy organic brown rice or organic whole wheat flour you are typically getting the least expensive items that you can cook in a variety of ways.

Soon enough on my journey up the food chain I will encounter all the wonderful world of fruits, vegetables and legumes (or would I encounter them before the grains?)

Regardless, I am sure you already know that once you enter into buying any organic foods that are sourced from animals the price is more expensive to create meals. It is a rare experience to find inexpensive organic yogurt but I have found some ways.

So just like the title suggests  if you want to save money on organic food eat lower on the organic food chain or in the alternative check out some of the book on this site that show you how to save money when you buy most organic foods.

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By the way, I just found out from a reader that I had my work on how to buy organic food inexpensively quoted in a new book by Robin Wheeler. Thank you Robin – check out Robin’s book Food Security for the Faint of Heart

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