Save on the price of Organic Food Be Aware of Unit Pricing

save on the price of organic food

Since my family and I started buying organic food I have become conscious of organic food unit pricing. Sometimes I have seen a large 5 kg or 10 lb bag of organic rice or flour and I thought that must be a great deal and I buy it. Then I found out when I got home and did a price comparison there is little, if not, no difference in the price per unit (per kilo or per pound) by buying the larger quantity.

Perhaps, you have done the same. Now, like me, you have a large bag of something that you did not save any money on buying and you may have a time limit on usage.

The best bet is to always carry a calculator when you go shopping and when you see a special large bag of flour, rice, pasta do a price per unit check with the smaller quantities to see if buying the larger bag is worth it.

If you want to know how to buy organic food inexpensively check out the How to Guide called ‘How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively‘.

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