Save Money When You Buy Organic Food with Smart Meal Planning

organic food choices

When my family and I started out buying organic food we started by building our meals around using the least expensive organic foods. For example, we avoided buying expensive grains for baking like buckwheat, kamut or rice. Instead we bought organic whole wheat flour. Once we had extra money in our budget we moved back and forth between buying whole wheat and other types of organic grains.

Other ideas we use includes buying plain organic yogurt and adding our own fruit or some honey for extra flavour when we wanted a change. In our experience Organic Fruit yogurts tend to be at least 15 percent more expensive than plain yogurt and they typically have sugar added to the fruit content.

Meal Planning is very important if you want to eat healthy and it has been something my family and I have worked on for years. It inspired a large section of my healthy living habits seminars and a book called Simplify Healthy Eating Habits.

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