Save Money for Organics Remember to Pay Attention to Organic Essentials

delicious inexpensive organic food

We have been able to buy organic food on a small budget because we made sure we set aside money for the most important purchases before buying other items that are not essential. This, of course, seems obvious but sometimes I would go shopping, do the groceries and forget to pick up something essential. So I would end up taking more time and energy whether it was from my legs or a bus to go to the store again. Typically, this meant I burned up some more money when I forgot some essential food. Money I could have used to buy more organic food if had not made the mistake.

Now you may wonder what do I consider essential? Well, we bake bread, we bake cakes, we make pancakes and crepes in our kitchen so it is important that in our home different sorts of flour are on the must get shopping list.

Our children also like to eat cooked oats and apples as part of breakfast. So every time we go shopping I make sure we stock up on flour, oats and apples. Then when we have put these items and other essentials in the shopping basket we look into the idea of buying other non-essential items like bulk cereal or chocolate 😉 something the children and I also enjoy as an occasional change from oats.



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And if you are really keen to find out more about how to buy organic food inexpensively check out this e-book on buying organic food on the cheap