Samantha’s Journal: A healing Tale

Have you ever had a close friend pass away and you wondered how could you deal with the pain you experienced at the time, how you could simply make the healing take place in your life?

I recently met a very special lady who just had a close friend pass away. Someone she loved dearly. Someone she misses dearly. I asked her how she is managing the sadness she is experiencing and she told me the following:

‘I am writing a journal to my friend and come the day I die I will share this with him so he knows all that has happened to me. Truth is that as I write it is like I am sharing directly with him in the moment and that we are still together in this world. The action of writing makes me feel at peace. ”

Perhaps, you can use Samantha’s idea to help you during a difficult time in your life.

Here is a nice journal to start writing in

Your friend on the journey,