Ruts: Tiny Habits that can Change Your Life

When we hold a thought in our mind it is very important to remember that, just like repeating a physical action makes the physical muscles involved stronger, when you engage a certain thought again and again you make the memory and repetition of the thought stronger and the likelihood that you will remember the thought in your everyday life.

It goes like this when you have a thought some neurons (cells in the brain) fire off and a memory is made. The next time you have the same thought the same neurons fire off and those close to it also fire off too and the thought becomes more rooted in your brain. This is great when you are forming new positive mental habits but dangerous if you have repeated stressful or anxious thoughts because what you think about you attract more of into your life.

The solution is to become a GIGANTIC guard at the door of your mind. Think of your mind as a garden and refuse to let the weeds (negative thoughts) get rooted deeper. Instead plant more flowers (positive thoughts) every minute.

Remember if you let the weeds continue to grow in the garden of your mind you are sowing trouble for yourself because the brain is a programmable computer and if will accept what you input whether it is negative or positive.

A few tips to become the Giant Guard at the door of your mind are:


Beware of the words of those you associate with at home and at work. Remind yourself silently that the negative thoughts of others are not your own. If you support the bad thoughts of others your brain will too.


Read uplifting books, listen to uplifting news, share happy thoughts and whatever you do NEVER go to bed right after a disagreement or disturbing event, create peace of mind first.


One of my life long favortites is As a man thinketh by James Allen Read more about As a Man Thinketh

Other favorites books that help create positive habits are listed here