Russell Conwell and his Acres of Diamonds Story

In 1843, Russell Conwell was born. During his life he was to become a lawyer, then a newspaper editor and finally a minster. During his time as a minister one day a group of young men came to him and asked him could he help them get a good education. Mr Conwell thought about this and had an idea. His idea was to raise money to create a school for young people by sharing a story.

Over time he raised over 7 million dollars by giving over 6,000 speeches and created a school. His speeches contained the one story called ‘Acres of Diamonds’.

In the linked video Earl Nightingale shares Russell Conwell’s story and in addition offers us simple steps on how we can nourish our lives so we can become the best we can be.

Earl himself has changed the life of many people for the positive with his story The Strangest Secret and more from Lead the Field a personal development classic.

Here is the video Acres of Diamonds


The reader of this story, Earl Nightingale, tells many more stories that have inspired million over the years. He told over 7,000 stories on his radio show. One story was the first spoken message to be sold over 1 million times as a record, this story was  The Strangest Secret


Video courtesy of Lifestyle Revolution