Review: The problem with Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One

I have just finished reading Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One and the biggest problem with this book is that it created big questions in my mind that now needed to be addressed.

Do we really learn by copying other people’s successful ideas?

Is competition for our business a good sign or a really bad sign, perhaps indicating we are building the wrong business?

What is the value of third level education for my children? Is it worthwhile?

What is the point as a business creator to develop a business that just duplicates the systems of a type of business already in place? 

Thiel calls businesses that simply duplicate what is already present in businesses, a business that take the world from 1 to n (more of the same like GM or Renault building cars that are at their core the same).

Thiel’s says we need more businesses that go from Zero to One meaning creating something that did not exist before such as the creation of Tesla Motors and it electric cars with their own supercharging stations that are powered by energy taken from solar panels.

Thiel tells us we don’t need another Google, another Facebook, another Amazon. We need in fact something else that no one has built before but we all in our hearts really need to better our world.

I read this book rapidly (in fact, it was difficult for me to put down because I found it so refreshing even though I do not agree with all Thiel says) and it helped me question the value of all the businesses I am involved in and as to whether they can really bring a big difference to this world. Some businesses I am stopping my involvement in and others I am going full steam ahead

You may not agree with all that Peter Thiel says, however, I truly recommend you invest in a copy of Zero to One  more reviews here and create your own new opinions about how to build a new future.

Have a wonderful day,