Review Abundance The Future is Better than you Think

Do you believe we will soon be able to meet and exceed all the needs of everyone on the earth? Can abundance be possible for all of us?

I have just listened to an interview with Peter H. Diamandis who co-authored Abundance The future is Better than you Think and he reminds us that today we all as individuals can make a huge impact on this world much more than we could ever have done in the past.

How? Because through the power of the internet we can connect with brilliant, inspired people around the world we would never have been able to connect with in the past. We can share a desire to solve a solution and  offer up a prize and thousands of people will work to solve that problem. Learn about all the success of Diamandis’s X prize Foundation.

Through his speaking and his written word Diamandis empowers us to think of the biggest problems we know in this world and focus on finding solutions.

“Think what problem when solved will help one billion people” he says and seek the solution.

This book is an end to daily pessimism where people think they cannot make a difference in this world. Read what other people are saying about abundance.

Work Well,