Relation Shifts: The forgotten connection between our personal and professional lives


The Garden of all Relationships is our Life

How do you invest your time?

How are your relationships?

If you find your business and career is going wonderful and your income is increasing because you continue to give value for value then all is great on the work path.

If you reach this experience because you have been investing 8 hours or more per day on specific actions you can see how you built the path to your business success. It is not by chance.

But why do we leave the success of our personal relationships to chance?

Many people do not invest very much time in their relationships with children, spouses, family and friends and they wonder why relationships fall apart.

One hour per day would be too much time with family and friends for most people yet eight hours per day at work is no big deal. Note: Time beside your loved one in front of an electronic device does not count as invested time.

And the result:

Have you ever seen a relationship where one of the couple is building a successful business or career and as the business or career comes to fruition there is a ‘crack’ in the couple not out of jealousy but out of the fact that during the building of the business the couple did not invest time to nourish their relationship. Note: Time spent with children if the couple is part of a family does not build the couple it only builds strength in the family. You as a couple must spend unique time together.

How can a person who is wise enough to understand that when they plant seeds to nourish their business through networking, investment in tools etc success comes and not notice that seeds need to be planted and nourished in personal relationships? Nothing comes by magic or chance in professional or personal worlds. The idea that if it is meant to be it will work does not work in the personal or professional world, action is always involved.

The failing relationship is because of a ‘shift’. A shift away from nourishment to complacency. Note: this is true in both professional and personal relationships.

Our relationships at present are an example of the actions we have and continue to take. If we have been sowing negative seeds, no appreciation and refusing to take the time to listen and share in a relationship, a relation will collapse whether it is a business or personal relationship.

Take the time to look at your relationships at work and at home. Do not fall prey to the belief that my relationship with X will work because it is meant to be magically. Your business will not work if you do not invest properly time in your business so neither will your personal relations.

Tough words but true. If you feel otherwise write to me about a relationship personal or professional that works without any positive action taking place.

I encourage you to evaluate your life today. If either your personal or business relationships are not working look within yourself to see what is it you are doing in the area that is working that could be expanded into the other. Do you take the time to call clients and that works to build business? Then take the time to call friends.  If sending a birthday card to a friend brightens their day then start sending cards to clients.

The power is within you. If neither personal or business relationships are working do not give up. Start your self on a personal development program today. Here is some suggested reading.

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May your life be filled at home and a work with joy.