Reduce Stress with Smart Clothes, Intelligent Clothing, Wearable Electronics

I just read a news article on the BBC site located here that brought to my attention the idea of smart clothing sometimes called intelligent clothing, sometimes called wearable electronics. The clothing is being designed to monitor physiological states including temperature and heart rate. The clothing is connected wirelessly to a database that checks the data to access the person’s emotional state and then can send messages to the wearer to calm them.

I am just sharing this with you. I am not sure if it is a good idea since there is already scientific controversy over the possible negative impact of having electromagnetic devices like cellular / portable phones close to the body. The impact of wearing wired clothing on the body is a whole other or similar issue.
What do you think?


P.S. I thought I would do some research to see what is already on the market. I did find a wearable mini cam recorder that fits in your shirt pocket (you could record your day with this!) Check out how small it is by going to  Wearable Video Camera.

In addition, I found a Mini Wearable Travel Air Purifier for less than 20 us dollars – I never knew this existed. It is so light apparently you can wear it around your neck.

However, I did not find any clothing for sale just a book called New Nomads: An Exploration of Wearable Electronics but maybe the clothing will be available soon…