Pros and Cons of standing desks and stand up desks

I recently created a review of standing desks or stand up desks as they are sometimes called. Since I published the article I have been asked why should people invest in a standing desk so I wrote this article offering 8 reasons and then I was asked would I write about the pros and cons of a standing desk so here goes:


Helps Strengthen your Lower Back

When you sit in a chair all day you may tend to slouch into a position that could damage your lower back. Using a standing or stand up desk can help reduce lower back pain because you are not slouched down in a seat.


Helps Weaken your Lower Back

If you stand with poor posture by your standing desk you can cause yourself back issues just like from sitting. So make sure you are aware of what good posture is and practice it.


Helps you Keep Alert

When you are standing up you tend to keep your mind more alert so using a standing desk can help you keep focused and productive.


You can work Too Much

If you are in need of rest standing up will not help you. You need to rest. Using a standing desk as a way of avoiding rest long term is not healthy.


You can Adjust the Desk to your Needs

Standing desks are often adjustable like some in this review. It is a wise choice to choose an adjustable model so you can find the right working height for you or anyone else who will use your standing desk.


Adjustable Standing Desks can be Expensive

Adjustable standing desks are more expensive than non-adjustable models. Make sure you need the benefits of an adjustable model before you pay more. If it is just for you and the standard height is ideal then no need to pay more.


A Standing Desk is a flexible Work space

Standing desks can be placed in areas where a regular desk cannot be placed due to the lack of the need for space for a chair.


You need to have Space

If you want to use a high stool like this from Amazon at your desk you will still need to have your standing desk in an area that is not too compact.


Standing Desks are Mobile

Standings desks can give you mobility at the work place. You could in theory bring your desk to a meeting with you.


Standing Desks may not be Mobile

Once you have the desk loaded up with all your ‘goodies’ you most likely will not want to move it or everything is going to slide off.


Standing Desk can be Client Attracting

Some standing desks like this one at Amazon can be very attractive and eye catching so they can be ideal for using at a trade show.


Standing Desks can be too Heavy to Move

Often standing desks are too heavy to move around easily.

There is a good helping of 6 pros and cons of standing desks. If you wish to compare ten different standing or stand up desks for their value and options best check out this comparison review of ten standing desks today.

Your friend on the journey,