Pros and Cons of Merino Wool T Shirts

Since I am very physically active (hiking, cycling etc) I am often asked why I use Merino wool T shirts. To me, Merino wool T shirts are my personal choice for just about any sporting activity because there are a lot of benefits to merino wool T shirts versus synthetic T shirts, none less important than the fact that the wool is an eco-friendly choice. Below I will share more of my experience to assist you since I have not seen many reviews of Merino wool T shirts.

I only discovered merino wool T shirts about 3 years ago after being a long term buyer of Organic Cotton T Shirts. I started using them for hiking. Now I use them for hiking, cycling, soccer and even under my dress shirts when I want to keep extra warm but not sweat.

Before I experienced Merino wool I only new the experience of wool in my hand knit Irish wool sweater. My sweater was rough wool not merino wool.

Merino is soft, warm, light and does not smell like synthetics after or during physical activity. True,it costs more than synthetic materials but it is worth it without even considering the ecological benefits of using a sustainable, not chemically made material.

Here are the Pros / Benefits of Merino Wool T Shirts

* Merino wool T shirts are excellent at regulating body temperature.

* Merino wool draws (wicks) moisture away from the skin so even if I am sweating I don’t feel all sticky and wet.

* Merino wool absorbs water.

* Merino wool retains warmth when wet. This is why it is great for sporting activities.

* Merino wool T shirts are typically thin, slim fit and tight to the body so they can be worn under a dress shirt for extra warmth.

* Merino wool is a naturally occurring material, eco-friendly.

* Merino wool is for most people itch free.

* Merino wool T shirts are typically slim fit not loose like organic cotton T shirts.

Here are the Cons / Negatives of Merino Wool T Shirts

* Merino wool T shirts cost more than synthetic T shirts

* Merino wool T shirts are not available everywhere you shop

* You might want to wear it all the time so it will wear out sooner!

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