Professional Development: Decide, Delegate, Defer, Delete

As you review your day with Pareto’s Principle in mind you can also apply the Four D’s I suggest below to both your personal and professional development:

When you are about to do something personal or professional review it immediately and:

Decide to do it – since it is important and relates to 80% of your effectiveness and it is a neccesary part of living

Delegate it – since it is not part of your top 20 percent and perhaps someone can do it better than you even if you have to pay them to do it

Defer it – since it is not a top priority at this time – although it is better to decide if you can delegate this action or the date you personally will do it

Review it quickly and Delete (for email) or Shred and Recycle (for papers) or Decline (if it is a request by someone you know to do something but you have no interest in doing it).

Till next time,