Poison in the Tap Water

I just finished watching a documentary on France 3 titled ‘Du Poison Dans L’eau Du Robinet (Poison in the Tap Water) and what struck me deeply about this documentary was the discussion of water contamination in France (consider your country too). There were three causes of contamination discussed:


Pesticides in water

Pesticides were found in France in drinking water particularly in some rural areas. The most likely cause is water running off from chemical agriculture.

What was surprising is that the water in some rural areas is checked by local authorities only once in every five years so local residents did not know they were drinking pesticide contaminated drinking water.


The presences of radioactive radium

Radium was found in water in some rural areas. Local people did not know they were giving radioactive water to their children.

What is surprising is that radium is not tested for under current French drinking water guidelines yet according to the scientists interviewed levels of radium in certain areas made the water unsafe for human consumption.


The presence of medication in the water

A high concentration of medication like aspirin and other pain killers were found in the water run off from hospitals some of which were pouring water that is unfiltered into the river Seine. Tested fish in the river Seine have been shown to have sexual mutation taking place due to the the change in their hormones caused by the presence of medication in the water.

What was surprising was that this medication was not being dumped down toilets to get into the water. The medication is believed to arrive in the water as it is present in the urine and excrement of patients and then being passed into the natural water system.

Drinking bottle water was not a solution suggested due to possible contamination of the water from it being stored in plastic. Instead, a huge cry for more frequent and more in depth water testing was asked for. The director general for health in France said the French government are waiting in particular for more test results to be available at the end of the summer in relation to medication residue in water. Then they will advise the public.

You may think this is only in France. They mentioned in the documentary other countries have similar issues with medication and pesticide residues showing up, for example, in some lake water in Canada and England.

As a final note I have seen the movie FLOW (for the love of water) which is a documentary in English on water control and pollution issues in our world. It is an very interesting documentary. The good news is it is available on DVD so you can get a copy to watch with friends. I recommend you get a copy today. You can find details here about the film via this link for Flow.

Please forward this information electronically to encourage people you know to ask more questions about their local water control guidelines.



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