Please write down this message

inspiring ideas

I was inspired today. I went for a solo hike and when I was pulling my way through some sticky mud ‘pop’ I had an idea come into my mind. So I took out my portable cell phone which I normally never use while I am hiking and phoned my lady at home. When I heard her voice I said ‘hello’ and asked her could she please get a pen and paper. She did and I said ‘Please write down this message. She waited and I said here is the message and I said ‘I love you’. I could hear her smile over the phone. I said ‘I was just thinking of you’ and I said ‘see you later, bye’ and I went back to moving through the mud on my way up a hill.

I am sharing this as an idea you can test out. Call someone you know this week and when they answer the phone ask them can they please write a message down for you. Then give them the message: ‘you are wonderful’, ‘I am thrilled to have you as a friend’ whatever you wish and go from there.

Just something fun to do.

You friend on the journey,


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