Photos Nice Carnival 2012 King of Sport Carnaval de Nice Roi du Sport

The Nice Carnival in France is one of the oldest and most famous carnivals in the world. This year like the last two years I attended the Carnival in Nice with my children. The children dress up and we all look forward to a fun event. The theme of this year’s Nice Carnival was ‘the King of Sport – Roi du Sport – so most but not all of the floats carried a message related to sport.

There are 26 pictures below. Check out the images of the Queen of Sport, the King of Sport, muscle builders, the Queen of England, Zidane, famous for his head butt of another soccer player and the floats illustrating corruption in sports like the Tour de France.


Carnival Nice Photos

Drugs in Sports


carnival king of sport

Nice Carnival 2012

The Devil in Sports

photos nice carnival

The Video Sportsman

pictures from nice carnival

Not the Queen of Sports


photos from carnival in Nice

Money in Sports


photos from carnival in Nice France

Snow Sports


picture of sports nice carnival

Motor Sports


Pics Nice Carnival 2012


photos nice carnival

Racing Sports


photos king of sports carnival nice

Camel Racing?


king of sport nice carnival

Muscle Sports

nice carnival pics


Nice Carnival 2012

photos nice carnival sports

Zidane French King of Sports



photos nice carnival france

pictures from nice carnival king of sports

Sliding Sports


king of sport nice carnival

Flying Sports!

For Dick Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines Click


carnival nice pics

pics from a Nice Carnival 2012

Another Flying Machine


Photos Carnival in Nice

Cool Flying Sports


Nice Carnival Photos

The King of Sport Arrives

Photos King of Sport Nice Carnival

The Giant King of Sport

king of sport nice carnival pictures

One Side of the King


queen of sport nice carnival 2012

Finally The Queen of Sport Arrives

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Now you have shared the link of these photos take a look at last years pictures of the Nice Carnival which was called King of the Mediterranean .

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If you are curious I took these photos with a Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera