Permission Email Marketing and Anti-Spam Laws

It takes years to build a solid business reputation and like Warren Buffet said in his book The Snowball it only takes minutes to destroy the same reputation. So it is important that any email marketing you do is done the right way.

Like most business owners, I want to do business ethically or not at all so I have embraced the idea of Permission Based Email Marketing.

Now, not only do I have readers of my information who have asked to receive what I am sharing since they are willing readers they are also more likely to buy my services and products since they requested what I have to share.

Worth noting: when you only use a Permission Based Email Marketing provider you can say ‘yes, I am not breaking anti-spam laws’. Since the top quality email marketing service providers like Aweber have systems in place to monitor how people got onto your list to make sure you are not branded by internet service providers by mistake as a spammer.

Continued Success to you,