Perception The Window of Opportunity

How do you perceive this?

For us to be happy, healthy and prosperous we need to be very conscious of how we perceive the world and the words we hear around us.

If every time we perceive our lives as half empty and filled with lack our focus is on what we do not have and we can continue to attract what we have ‘lack’.

If every time we perceive our lives as half full with positive experiences our focus is on what we have and we can attract ‘more’ into our lives of what we want.

Why is this important?

If you lack health and focus on what you do have that is healthy and you are grateful for this you are going to feel good about you and a positive energy will flow in your body and boost your immune system to help you be healthier.

If you focus on illness, you most likely will feel stress and stress will suppress your immune system and make you quite possibly unhealthy.

We can apply this thought pattern to finance, relationships… all areas of our lives.

What we need to remember (me included) is that every experience, every thought we have is a ‘window of opportunity’ to focus on and attract more of what we want in our lives.

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My best wishes to you always,