Pay it Forward and Touch the Lives of Four million People

Pay It Forward

One Person’s View – photo by D. Hennessey

I recently heard the phrase again Pay It Forward and I remember how inspired I was (and still am) by the movie of the same name that came out ten years ago.

Perhaps you saw the movie Pay it Forward. It is a movie based on a novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde. The novel tells the story of Trevor, a twelve year old boy in a small Californian town who accepts his teachers challenge to make a difference in the world.

Trevor’s idea is to help three people out and if they ask him how they can repay him he will ask each person not repay him but for each of the three people to each help out three other people when they can that day and in the process ask those three people to continue the path of paying the debt forward.

When you Pay It Forward an amazing result can happen. If each person takes action and pays the debt forward within a day and each of these people has three people pay it forward then an amazing thing happens within two week over 4 million people will be helped just from each person helping three people.

Did you know the author of the book that inspired the movie Catherine Ryan Hyde was inspired to write the novel from a personal experience she had of being helped on the road by strangers once when here Datsun 1200 caught on fire?

Personally, this blog is one of my ways to Pay it Forward. Like you, if you manage a blog, I do my very best to share helpful and effective ideas (661 as of today) available at no charge to you to help you nourish your personal development. This ideas have been part of my paid for seminars for many years now.

I like to push cars. Beyond sharing online I also feel really good when the opportunity comes to help someone who has a challenge on the road. Not only because I have a bit of a mechanic’s mind but I can also give a car a good push. My children teased me kindly because recently when we where heading out as a family I had my lady stop the car to so I could help a man who was pushing his car all alone down the side of a four lane road. People were honking their car horns as we pushed the car. When the owner and I got the car to a safe spot to call for a real mechanic I was surprised to find out there was a young child in the back of the car. Hmm! I thought that could have been me stuck and I am glad to have helped out. The young father never asked to repay me and I was not interested in repayment beyond the good feeling I got. But if he had asked me I would have said ‘Pay It Forward!’.

If you have not seen the movie I recommend you get a new or used copy from Amazon via this link Pay it Forward and enjoy a wonderful story. If you prefer to read the novel you can get a copy of the book Pay It Forward that is now in paperback. The book has been translated into over 22 languages for publication in more than thirty countries. It was chosen for the “Best Books for Young Adults” list by the American Library Association.

You could also send a copy of Pay It Forward to a friend or family member as a gift. It is book and a movie to cherish.

Enjoy a wonderful day,