Our Food and The Sun

I was watching a documentary with my children on the creation of food and the narrator spoke about the incredible reality that each time we eat some food we chew on sunlight. This to me has always been such an incredible idea. Once I heard this several years ago I felt a deeper connection with Nature and the creation of our food.  Personally, I believe when we have a deeper understanding of the food we eat and how it is  created we tend to eat more consciously and eat foods that are more natural and better for our bodies. I could be wrong. No science here just my opinion.

By the way, if you have ever wondered how sunlight ends up in our food it happens like this: Plants take water, carbon dioxide and the sun’s energy and create as a result glucose, cellulose and oxygen. Yes, the sunlight is transformed but its impact is still in the plant you eat.

Nature is amazing.

Enjoy a wonderful day,


P.S. The title of the Documentary was ‘A la découverte de l’Energie’. Indeed, it was in French. I have not seen a similar documentary in English which would be great to share with children. One book I believe that is great at explaining photosynthesis is the following one that was the Winner of the 2008 Teachers Choice Award for Childrens Books. It is called Understanding Photosynthesis with Max Axiom, Super Scientist