One Universal Law that Changed my Life

one universal law

Last Saturday I was passing some time with a friend talking about our own opinions of what are laws of the universe. She was telling me how many times when she helped other people afterwards just like magic good things would happen to her. For her this was something she attributed to the law of reciprocity, to me when I was younger I used to think it was all chance but now I believe she is right there is a universal law of reciprocity. I believe it now because of something that happened when I was 18.

When I was 18 one evening a lady named Vi knocked on the door of my home and asked for a donation to support a charity. I paused being unwilling to share anything at that time in my life and to my surprise I remember Vi then said “if you don’t have some money why don’t you share some of your time”. I said “Maybe”. She took it as a “Yes” gave me quickly a piece of paper with her phone number on it and disappeared into the night. I was a bit stunned as to what I was to do but I had been raised to be polite (which is a good thing) so I phoned Vi the next evening with the intention of turning down her suggestion. But Vi was a great sales lady and she convinced me to take the time to do some door to door canvassing for the charity as a trial one evening. I did and as a result my life changed for the better.

I realized when I gave my time to others good things happened, in fact, a personal revolution happened. I, an extremely shy person began to ask strangers to donate money to help people who had heart problems. This task is not an easy task as many people are tired of donating money and I had more than a few doors slammed in my face and I heard a few insults I had not heard before. But step by step I took it in my stride and I learned from knocking on doors the courage to speak to strangers.

The result was that the seed of courage to speak up in front of people had been sown. Years later I had the courage to speak in front of hundreds of people to share ideas I truly believe in without stress and discomfort. More so, today I am married to a wonderful lady because I learned how to speak my mind and ask a lady to come on a hike with me.

Thank you Vi, I am always grateful to you,


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