One Tip for Better Digestion

Hi, David here,

Is meal time a stressful experience for you?

After more than a few months thinking about a solution to meal time stress I have a tip that may make a difference for you.  I was inspired to share it by one of our readers who reminded me about the idea of sharing it.  Thank you C. (She prefers to remain unnamed).

So here it is: The next time when you sit down with friends or family you can make the suggestion that the first five minutes of the meal everyone remains in silence. This is so everyone can take the time to quietly enjoy the taste of the food, simply relax or whatever you wish to say that may inspire people to go along with your suggestion.

If the TV or Radio are on best suggest they are turned off too, smartphones off the table, and if there are children at the meal you may wish to point out the time on the clock when they as well as the adults can start chatting again.

Hopefully for this test you will have support of your fellow dinners.

You may find that you get to enjoy the taste of the meal more since you will be more focused in silence on the foods in your mouth and on your plate.

You may also find your digestion may be better since when we talk we are more likely to eat faster and take in perhaps too much air as we eat. Indeed, silence can possibly lead to better digestion. Nice.

Ask you fellow dinners about their experience once the time has passed. They may wish to go for ten minutes next time!

Now I am not a Doctor and I don’t pretend to be one so whether this really will help you physically I do not know. But check it out and see if you enjoy the meal time better. If that is the result – superb. You have a new tip worth using.

All the best,