One of the Secrets to Success in Business – Click Reply

Did you ever have the experience where you found out about a business that had a service or product you wanted but when you emailed a message you got no response?

You know the experience. You put a message in one of those online forms and your message goes into cyber space never to be responded to.

Do you remember how frustrating this is? I do.

With this in mind consider your own business actions and ask yourself:

One : Do you always respond promptly to emails you receive?

Two: How quickly?

Three: When you are really busy do you always respond the same day?

I recommend if you don’t have time to answer the inquiry in full start the habit to  ’click reply‘ and state you are working on a response for another client and let the person know you will respond to them by such and such date and keep your promise. Better yet say x date and respond one day sooner!

This action has brought me a lot repeat business, so simple, so powerful.

Your friend on the journey,


P.S. You can use the same ‘click reply’ technique over the phone. When you receive a message by phone just call the client back and let them know you got their message and you will respond by x date. Then respond quicker!