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I gave the French version of Mini Motivational cards to women at this event in France

Mini Motivational Cards


Project OM

Project OM is to give us all an extra opportunity to inspire each other because one of the best ways to become resilient and stress proof is get the wonderful boost that comes from making others feel good. 

Let us get Physical over Digital again!

I am launching Project OM which I believe with your assistance can change the lives of many people, you are important to this project.

Research shows the best way to feel happy long term is to help other people feel good!

Project OM helps you help others feel good and there is very little needed from your action. I have created a tool you can use. You just have to request it (it is free) and share it.

I do hope you will get involved as what I am doing that has been inspired over the years by my loving Dad.

I made a silent promise to him in my heart before he passed away to create ideas like this.


Your friend on the journey,

What is Project OM and how to get involved?  

Mini Motivational Cards

What could be better than searching in your purse or wallet to find an inspirational card put there by a loved one.

Imagine someone you love looking in the mirror one morning and seeing one of these cards telling them how wonderful they are or finding one on the car seat when they get into their car about to get into traffic.

Imagine opening your own lunch bag to find one inside.

There are some many ways to make people feel good with these mini-motivational cards. It is all about the physical and not just digital motivation.

I want you to have the template for printing for FREE

wonder technique

Part sample of template

When you have the template (it is a pdf file) you can print in color 16 different mini motivational cards in English. You can print them off as many times as you want, cut them up and give to as many people as you want.

You will feel good as you make others feel good

I have invested in the creation of the cards. I will send you a free digital template these mini motivation cards.

Your job is to print them in color and share them : ) Together we can make people’s days brighter.

How do you get your free copy of the template for the Mini Motivational cards?

Complete the form below, that is all! Once I get your email I will send you the template.

Thank you for participating in Project OM and making a difference in this world : )


P.S. The project is called OM because I have a wish that together we can touch the lives of one million people with a positive phrase.

Mini Motivational Cards

Cut up they look like this


wonder technique

Once company already put the cards on the lunch table with a fancy bottle of juice to encourage team members to grab a card


Join Project OM and get your Free template for the Mini Motivational cards today

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