One Fundamental Law of Happy Relationships

Do you know someone who is unhappy in a relationship?

He or she tells you they are unhappy because no matter what they do for ‘the one they love’ their loved one does not do what they want them to do in return.

In fact, the root of the problem here (as I have discovered in my own life) is that this person is unhappy because they think they are ‘giving’ in the relationship when in fact they are looking to ‘receive’ certain experiences. The apparent unconditional love they are sharing is in fact conditional since they have expectations of their loved one they want to have happen.

Love in a long term relationship I have come to understand is not a ‘give me’ experience it is a ‘I want to give more’ experience. When we approach love with the attitude of ‘I want to give more’ we are following one of the fundamental laws of happy relationships. This law is that we never truly run out of love we always have more to share. And the more we share the more people want to be around us so the more love we experience.

Simple and Amazing!

Your friend on the journey,